host a street / block gathering
with a free $100 food voucher

“Hobsonville Let’s Reconnect” is being facilitated again by Hobsonville Community Trust and runs from March to June 2023. We provide $100 local food vouchers to any streets, laneways or blocks in the Hobsonville area that want to get together for a neighbours’ gathering. Minimum of 10 households (although a $50 voucher available for between 5-10 households). 

We’ve also got an amazing street resource kit that you can book for free for your gathering. More info here.

English Group For Migrants

This group is about learning and practicing English together while making new friends and having fun together. Open to all migrants, no matter where you’re from or how much English you have. We all help each other and you can join anytime.

Street Resource Kit

Hobsonville Community Trust has an amazing street resource kit that is available for community events, block/street parties and other gatherings. The kit is free to use and has been made possible by a range of supporters over the years including Upper Harbour Board, Harcourts Cooper & Co, and Ryman Healthcare.

Taking Flight exhibition

Taking Flight is a free historic photography exhibition from the Air Force Museum of New Zealand Photograph Collection. It is being displayed throughout the Headquarters Building.

The exhibition begins on 26 September 2022 and will conclude in June 2023 however there may also be periods where local exhibitions will also be displayed for short periods.

Come and have a look, 10am – 2pm, Monday to Friday (except school holidays).

Community connection and well-being

Hobsonville Community Trust hosts a range of connection points for our community from summer fun in the park to barn dances, movie evenings and newcomers gatherings through to our weekly coffee & chat and social indoor bowls. We adapt to the needs of our community working closely with a range of partners, Auckland Council, Upper Harbour Board and community groups.

advocacy and support

Since the early beginnings of Hobsonville Point and Scott Point, we have had a focus on helping our communities to be well informed and their needs advocated for. We help with connecting residents and groups with potential new partners, sources of knowledge, and resourcing.

We provide support to those struggling and are passionate about growing community resiliency and well-being.

supporting community initiatives

We believe that a strong, resilient and well connected community is one where a  wide range of groups and individuals are contributing to generating a strong sense of belonging. 

We provide practical support, insight and resourcing to groups and initiatives  that want to help make a positive contribution to the Hobsonville area.