host a street / block bbq
with a free $100 food voucher

We know that recently it’s been hard to get together with your neighbours and many new residents haven’t met those in their street yet. So we reckon it’s time to reconnect and grow the resiliency of our neighbourhood.

We’re making that easy by providing a $100 local food voucher for every street / block that gets together between March – June 2022. Simply contact the HCT Community Initiatives Team and we will provide you with the food voucher and some resources to help your block check that you are ready if there is an emergency in your community that will affect you, your family or your neighbours.

We’ve also got an amazing street resource kit (see below) that you can book for free for your gathering too. Easy as!

Bark in the Park

Calling all small dogs and owners that live in Hobsonville, it’s time to have some fun and meet other local dog lovers. Dress your dog up for the ‘catwalk’, let them loose in the off-leash area, have a go at some simple dog agility or show off your tricks you’ve had your dog practicing at home. This is a social gathering not to be missed! – NB: Small Dogs only

Community connection and well-being

Hobsonville Community Trust hosts a range of connection points for our community from summer fun in the park to barn dances, movie evenings and newcomers gatherings through to our weekly coffee & chat and social indoor bowls. We adapt to the needs of our community working closely with a range of partners, Auckland Council, Upper Harbour Board and community groups.

advocacy and support

Since the early beginnings of Hobsonville Point and Scott Point, we have had a focus on helping our communities to be well informed and their needs advocated for. We help with connecting residents and groups with potential new partners, sources of knowledge, and resourcing.

We provide support to those struggling and are passionate about growing community resiliency and well-being.

supporting community initiatives

We believe that a strong, resilient and well connected community is one where a  wide range of groups and individuals are contributing to generating a strong sense of belonging. 

We provide practical support, insight and resourcing to groups and initiatives  that want to help make a positive contribution to the Hobsonville area.

Street Resource Kit

Hobsonville Community Trust has an amazing street resource kit that is available for community events, block/street parties and other gatherings. The kit is free to use and has been made possible by a range of supporters over the years including Upper Harbour Board, Harcourts Cooper & Co, and Ryman Healthcare.