Street Resource Kit

The Street Resource Kit is a set of equipment and activity/game materials, owned by Hobsonville Community Trust (HCT), that you may find useful when you host a street/block gathering or BBQ or a wider community event.

Please click here for a list of what is available (some of which are photographed below), all of which can be used at no cost (with the exception of the staging and sound system) and which are made possible through the support of Upper Harbour Board.

Collection of the equipment is usually from the Headquarters Building, 214 Buckley Ave, Hobsonville. It must be pre-booked online via this link and collection arranged with the HCT Venues Team at least one week prior to the event.

The street kit is free for community events, local schools and street/block gatherings but there is a $30 per day cost (incl GST) for private functions  (these must be held in the Headquarters Building) and priority applies to community initiatives.

Please simply ensure that all items are returned in good condition, that they are dry, and are cared for during your event.

NB: Those borrowing the items are responsible for replacing any damaged or lost items.

Our sincere thanks go to those that have supported us to establish this great resource