About us

We are proudly supported by a wide range of funders including:

The Hobsonville Community Trust is focussed on empowering, supporting, serving and connecting the people of Hobsonville Point, Scott Point, Hobsonville and the Upper Harbour West area.

We recognise that every person, family and community has a range of emotional, physical, social, educational and spiritual needs and that it takes a whole community, working together, and operating in its strengths, to help those needs be met. 

We use the health & well-being model of ‘Te Whare Tapa Wha’ to guide our approach as we support and serve our wider community.

We also manage the Headquarters Building and Sunderland Lounge community facilities on behalf of Auckland Council and these are available to anyone and any group to hire that meet the terms & conditions of hire.

We also founded and coordinate the Hobsonville Emergency Response Group and support/coordinate a range of community networks.

Hobsonville Community Trust was founded in 2012 by three local Christian churches that wanted to see the rapidly growing community empowered, supported, and advocated for. The Trust works with and supports people of all beliefs, ethnicities and backgrounds and provides a range of initiatives and events for the Upper Harbour West area.

Hobsonville Community Trust Personnel

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Organisation Leader
& Venues Manager
Community Resilience Activator
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