Life is often tough. It’s unfair. It hurts. And sometimes it can be lonely or you can feel lost in the midst of it all. And all of that is understating the obvious isn’t it.

The emotions, the pain and the helplessness, the need for support, hope and answers are not areas we were designed to face or go through alone, and we just want to ensure that you don’t have to because we never could have ourselves.

If you need a place where you can cry, ask the tough questions, let out your confusion or frustration or just whatever, then we want to offer that to you, and you are welcome to just sit and have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate while you’re here.

We’re not counsellors, nor do we have all the answers, we are just friends willing to provide a listening ear, to do life with you, to pray with you if you would like that, to explore tough questions if that’s part of the journey you are facing and, if you want, to share the hope that we have found in the midst of asking similar questions ourselves.

At Hobsonville Point we’re all neighbours, let’s not choose to do life alone.

To give one of us a call, please click here for contact details.