Hobsonville Point Church Family (HPCF)


The Hobsonville Point Church Family (HPCF) are the founders of Hobsonville Community Trust and their governance board continue to oversee the appointment of Trustees to HCT’s Board. More information of the Church Family can be found below.

A Brief Overview

The Hobsonville Point Church Family is a community of Christian believers and those open to exploring their faith who live in the Hobsonville Point and surrounding area. It was founded by three Open Brethren churches in 2012 (Lincoln Road Bible Chapel, Massey Community Church and The Chapel from Te Atatu).

We focus on uniting in fellowship, ongoing discipleship, exploring faith with those who express interest/openness, and being a blessing our local community by standing with and for them and helping community needs be met.

Our simple rhythms involve combinations of worship, scripture, prayer, hospitality, supporting one another, discipleship, fellowship, growing together, and practically serving our local Hobsonville Point community and surrounding area.

Do we have regular fellowship?

Yes, we do gather regularly in a variety of ways.

We have a Sunday afternoon/evening gathering that will either be:

  • Shared Meal, Communion, Devotion and Fellowship (usually 5-7pm)
  • Worship, reflection, or creative time (either mid-late afternoon or early evening)
  • Children-focussed worship and exploration time (usually 5-7pm)
  • Special church camps/gatherings (varies)
  • Joining our community in one of their wider community gatherings.

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These gatherings rotate usually weekly and often are based from different homes within our church family but we adapt our rhythm to ensure we do not conflict with other community gatherings and can join with them instead. In the school holidays we usually reduce our gathering frequency to give us time to pause or be more flexible.

We have fortnightly Lifegroups, most of which happen on a weeknight evening. These focus on doing life together, exploring faith & scripture, and regularly reflecting on ‘what is God saying to me/us” and “what am I/we going to do about it?”

We also have fortnightly ‘Leadership Huddles’ focussed on discipling leaders who will disciple others in the future.

All are Welcome!

If you would like to connect with HPCF, please do so! We’d love to get to know you and to journey with you. We love having people around for meals and are happy to visit if you prefer. Please contact Gavin or Gordon and we will be in touch.

Please Note:

Hobsonville Community Trust community initiatives are not activities expressly for the Hobsonville Point Church Family. Our church family, just like any other resident/attendee may participate and volunteer and are welcome and valued. Everyone from our community is invited to do the same. Our church calendar will usually make space for our church family to be involved in community events of interest to them so that we are an authentic part of and connected to our community. HCT’s community initiatives, focuses and activities are not focussed on drawing people to church, proselytysing or similar. HCT does not discriminate on any grounds, including belief/faith/religion.