Hobsonville Resident Street Initiative

The Hobsonville Community Trust is passionate about helping people connect with and contribute to our local community. We want our residents to experience a sense of belonging as early as possible from when they move into our community.

We believe knowing and regularly connecting with your neighbours and other residents from your street or block, having a way to easily communicate with one another, and being informed of what is going on around you are important parts of community life.

Over the past number of years, we have partnered with Neighbourhood Support Waitakere (NSW) to provide this resident street initiative. In 2020, we are now handing this over for NSW to take the lead role but we will continue to work closely with them.

We have also developed a great street resource kit aimed at making it easy to host simple yet fun street/block parties or events. This free resource includes a gazebo and tables, a wide range of outdoor family games and activities, sound equipment and details of local residents who are willing to help you with your event/gathering if you need.

For information on what is in the Street Resource Kit, please click here.

To book this street resource kit, please click here.

For more information on, or to sign up to this street initiative, please email Neighbourhood Support Waitakere or call on 09 838 0132.

Huge thanks go to Ryman Healthcare and Upper Harbour Board. It was through their generous support and backing that this Resident Initiative enabled over 30 block coordinators and over 300 families to be involved.