Hobsonville Community Trust

The Hobsonville Community Trust is focussed on empowering, supporting, serving and connecting the people of Hobsonville Point, Scott Point, Hobsonville and the surrounding area.

We recognise that every person, family and community has a range of emotional, physical, social, educational and spiritual needs and that it takes a whole community, working together, and operating in its strengths, to help those needs be met. We use the health & well-being model of Te Whare Tapa Wha to guide our approach as we support and serve our wider community.

At different times, we partner with a range of community providers, schools, local businesses, council and residents.

The Trust was established by the Hobsonville Point Church Family (HPCF) and it’s Board is appointed by HPCF’s organisation’s Board.

Our staff include

  • Gavin Gunston – HCT Organisation Leader and Venues Manager
  • Christina Naurattel – Venues Coordinator
  • Gordon Summerville – Families Coordinator

Key areas for HCT may often include but are not limited to:

  • Connecting families and supporting/providing opportunities that connect the wider community right across the ages including the development of our Hobsonville Point and Scott Point Street Initatives through our partnership with Neighbourhood Support Waitakere.
  • Offering 24-7 YouthWork support to local schools and their students in and around Hobsonville Point (NB: This is currently paused in 2020 while we develop our capacity)
  • Developing places of youth community which can provide a safe place of belonging, character development and empowerment
  • Management of Community Facilities (Headquarters Building and Sunderland Lounge in Hobsonville Point)
  • Working closely with a range of stakeholders across Hobsonville, residents and the council to improve the sharing of information, community collaboration and advocacy
  • Family encouragement and support
  • Supporting/collaborating with other and organisations, volunteers and community initiatives/events in our area.

If you or your business would like to get involved or financially support the work of the Hobsonville Community Trust, please don’t hesitate to contact our Organisation Leader or Chairperson.