With so many in our community isolating and battling health challenges, Hobsonville Community Trust (HCT) has been asked to partner up with the Grocery Delivery Service, coordinated by the Student Volunteer Army (SVA). We are now urgently seeking local volunteers of all ages that are willing to pickup/drop-off 1 or 2 grocery orders per week (or you can do more if you’re up for it). 

Volunteers will be assigned orders that they will need to shop for at the Hobsonville New World and delivery will usually be within 7km of the supermarket. 

Volunteers will be coordinated by the HCT Community Initiatives Team with quick & easy on-line training provided. 

Volunteers will usually do up to 2 orders at one time and can expect to take approximately 1 hour for collection and delivery.

How does it work?

Once you’ve signed up and indicated the day(s) and time(s) you’re most available, you’ll be given simple, online training that takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

As orders come through to HCT, you will be asked by text whether you are available to fulfil an order (sometimes two). If you say yes, you will then be emailed the order and you will drive to the Hobsonville New World to shop for it. No money changes hands as this is looked after internally by the SVA Team & the supermarket.

You will then deliver the order to the home in Hobsonville and upload a photo of the receipt and photo of where you have left the groceries to our email + notify HCT that the order is complete. It is all contactless.

Reimbursement of $5 per order will be made to you to help cover the petrol and deliveries will be within 7km of the Hobsonville New World and mostly in the Hob Pt / Scott Pt area and nearby surrounds.  Masks are available.

If you’re confident with your smartphone, have a car and are available at least once per week, please sign up, the more of us that get behind it, the more we can share the load and help Hobsonville to get through.