Family Initiatives

Hobsonville is an awesome place to raise a family and with us all being in close vicinity, it’s easy to connect and help one another out.

We believe in the saying ‘it takes a community to raise a child’ and are keen to help this community provide the best support it can for you and your family.

If you would like a helping hand to put something on or to get something started, feel free to give us a yell and we’ll try and pitch in together. It’s more fun and less work that way too. Or if you just want to get the word out about something you’re putting on for families or the wider community, let us know.

Alternatively, if you’re keen to lend a helping hand or keen to get involved in family and community initiatives, we’d also love to touch base.

A few things you may be interested in that we’re thinking about or that are already happening are:

For Parents With Toddlers:

Raising young children can always be a handful and stressful at times. We’re looking at a range of options and needs around playgroups, childcare, and babysitting in Hobsonville Point. If you’ve got any needs or ideas you don’t think are currently being met and that could be improved, please let us know.

One playgroup currently in our are is the Hobsonville Point Pipi’s Playgroup  – Plunket (click for more info)

There’s also a Hobsonville Point mum’s group that can be found here.


Hobsonville Community Trust is currently planning stage 3 of our Youth Initiative called ‘ Empower’ which we hope to get started in term 3 or 4, 2019. It is currently being planned to be targeted at those aged 10-12 yrs. If you know of anyone that would be interested, please let our our Community Coordinator, Gavin Gunston know. He is a trained youth worker and is also exploring with our local schools how they can be best supported.

Board Games

Hobsonville Point is host to an amazing Board Games club which gets together on a regular basis for games and comraderie. Check out their facebook page here.

Family Get Togethers, Street Events & Other Community Events

Every year we have host, facilitate or support a wide range of community gatherings and points of connection. These range from Newcomers Dinners, Christmas events, and Outdoor Movie Nights to Summer Evenings at the Park, Pot Luck Dinners and Block BBQs.

Click here for our facebook page which has upcoming street and community events or if you’ve got your own idea and you’d like a hand or to promote it, let us know and we’d love to get behind you.