Youth, Family, Street, and Wider Community Events

Hobsonville is a rapidly changing area with huge new communities under development in Hobsonville Point, Scott Point and the wider Hobsonville area. As a Trust, we are keen to help support and/or coordinate events and gatherings that help families to connect and get to know the wider community + develop a positive spirit across the community.

We regularly host community dinners, summer afternoons in the park, rugby nights, board games events, community celebrations, neighbours gatherings etc. We coordinate the Hobsonville Resident Street Initiative in partnership with Neighbourhood Support which connects neighbours within each block/street and are now beginning the Scott Point Street Initiative. We are supported by Ryman Healthcare, Auckland Council and Upper Harbour Board as well as local businesses who support various initiatives.

If you’ve got an idea that could help people in our area, we’d love to get in behind you and/or help find others with strengths and resources that can help make it happen. If you know of a need not currently being met in our community, we’d also love to hear more.

For more information on upcoming planned events, please don’t hesitate to contact our Community Coordinator.