Community Presence

Gavin Gunston is as our Organisational Leader, Youth Work Team Leader, and Community Coordinator.

Gavin is involved with a number of community initiatives,groups, local events and organisations with the aim of helping our community to be well connected and supported across all ages. Gavin also helps coordinate the Hobsonville Point Church Family. Gavin’s roles also includes being regularly involved in supporting our local Secondary school as a 24-7 YouthWorker. He is also a resident of Hobsonville Point.



Gordon Summerville is our Family Support Coordinator and Community Chaplain.

Gordon helps coordinate the Hobsonville Resident Street Initiative, as well as pastoral care and family support within Hobsonville Point along with his wife Margaret.

Please feel free to make yourself known to Gavin or Gordon in any of these settings and to share any ideas or needs you may have. Gavin and his wife Caroline and/or Gordon and Margaret would also love to have you  drop in for a coffee. You can find their contact details by clicking here or filling out this enquiry form.


Ben Cameron-Strickland and Elliot Thorp are our 24-7 YouthWork team in Hobsonville Point Secondary School, along with Gavin Gunston. They provide an average of 20 hours total of youth work each week during term time, focussing on supporting our young people. Elliot Thorp is also working with Gavin Gunston to develop the Empower Youth Initiative.