24-7 Youth Work at Hobsonville Point Secondary School

Hobsonville Community Trust has a partnership with the Hobsonville Point Secondary School that involves our Trust providing 24-7 Youth Work. 24-7 YouthWork was started in Christchurch in the early Nineties (officially named in 2000) and is now 71 schools nationwide including approximately 15-20% of schools in Auckland. There are now approximately 175 youth workers nation-wide.

Currently we employ two 24-7 YouthWorkers and a Youth Work Team Leader who together provide a total of 20 hours to HPSS per week on average working with students and staff at Hobsonville Point Secondary School. This focuses on five key outcomes:

  • Supporting students and complementing the input of staff.
  • Building positive relationships with students and staff.
  • Cultivating school spirit.
  • Leadership development of students.
  • Integration with suitable out-of-school activities for students.

All 24-7 Youth Workers recognise that there is a huge range of different beliefs in a school context and are respectful of this. Our role is to be there for all young people. We focus on what we have in common with our school – we want to see young people succeed and flourish in their future. Our school has a say in any activity at all times. Gavin Gunston is our key contact for this partnership and can be contacted through Hobsonville Point Secondary School or by clicking here for direct contact details.

During each year, the Hobsonville Community Trust completes regular reports for Hobsonville Point Secondary School which explains in more detail what our youth workers have been focussing on within the school and their key focuses looking ahead. The latest 24-7 YouthWork Report can be found by clicking here.

Please don’t hesitate to wave Gavin over and to have a chat when you see him around whether in our Hobsonville Point Schools or around our community. He is more than happy to answer your questions and, if there is anything you think he can assist with, please just let him or one of our Trust know.

This is run on a joint community/school/church funding model so if you would like to financially support or sponsor our 24-7 Youth Work at Hobsonville Point Secondary School, please click here for more information.

Both Ryman Healthcare and the Upper Harbour Board are key community supporters and we acknowledge the important role they play in ensuring the sustainability of our youth work in and around Hobsonville Point.